KAIROS OUTSIDE is designed to support the wives, mothers and female relatives/friends of men and women who are or have been incarcerated. This is done by providing a safe environment for a short time with Christian people and the opportunity to interact with women in similar situations. We believe that the women related to the incarcerated are doing time right along with their loved ones. We want to let them know that there is a Christian community who cares about them and their needs. The weekend process will provide an opportunity to not only explore ones relationship with God, but to also experience a time of fun, music, great food and community.

What happens at KAIROS OUTSIDE?

The Weekend is a series of talks by women sharing their life journey. Each participant has the opportunity to review the talks in small groups. However, sharing in the small group is voluntary. The program is interspersed with music, prayer, fun activities and general pampering. We expect the women in attendance to stay for the entire program. The weekend is Christian in nature, although no religious affiliation is necessary to attend.

Who may attend KAIROS OUTSIDE?

Any adult female 20 years old, or older, whose life has been impacted by the incarceration of relatives/friends in any state or federal correctional facilities, is eligible to attend a Kairos Outside Weekend. Women who did not have an opportunity to attend a Kairos Weekend while incarcerated may also attend. This program IS NOT limited to those women whose relatives/friends have attended a Kairos Weekend.

Who presents the Weekend?

The team members come from many different Christian denominations and are committed to ministering to inmates and their families. Several of the team are wives and mothers of inmates. The team is made up of 30-40 women, 8-10 men (cooks) and two clergy-women.

How long is the KAIROS OUTSIDE?

The weekend begins on Friday night at 6:30 pm and continues until Sunday afternoon at 3:30 pm.

How much does KAIROS OUTSIDE cost to attend?

There is no cost to the participants. The funds are provided by local Christian communities.

Where do I stay during the retreat?

The weekend is held at a local retreat center. The facility provides everything except your personal articles. Dress is casual and comfortable. Transportation can be provided.

Do I have to be a Christian to come on the weekend?

NO. All we ask is for a woman to be open to discussions from a Christian perspective.

What shall I tell my husband about the men on the weekend?

The men are present to prepare and serve the meals. They do not participate in the meeting room activities.

Why should I give up a weekend visit with my loved ones to come to KAIROS OUTSIDE?

Your journey is often difficult. Many of the people in the outside world do not understand your position and may even reject you. This weekend is designed to give support from women who are in the same situation and from other Christian people who care about you and your loved one.

How do I get on a weekend?

Simply write or call to obtain information on the next available weekend. KAIROS OUTSIDE is usually held in the Spring and the Fall each year.

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